So, what exactly is a hostel?

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A hostel is a type of lodging that offers just what traveling groups, single travelers and budget minded families need — beds, showers, laundry facilities and a large common kitchen.

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One excellent feature of the hostel is our very large fully equipped kitchen that enables you to store groceries in our large guest fridge and cook meals, further stretching your vacation dollars.

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If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.

A little info and history about our Hostel & Inn

  • The Beginning - Wild Bill

On April 1st, 1999 (April fools Day!), a guy who went by the name of Wild Bill, bought and started the "Leadville Hostel". He was inspired by the hostels he stayed at during his travels in Europe and thought that the beautiful historic city of Leadville could really use a hostel. Him and his wife, Cathy, ran it for 16 years up until Bill's passing in 2015.

Cathy and Wild Bill

It was a very tragic accident and could have easily been the end of the Leadville Hostel. After Bill's untimely demise, Cathy, began to receive an immense amount of support from friends, family and previous guests.

It was incredible how many people considered the Leadville Hostel as THEIR home and had to see it continue on. So Cathy pressed on for another 3 years with the support and encouragement of many but also with a determined spirit and a made up mind to sell the business and pass the baton to someone who could keep the spirit of this place going.

  • The Gonzalez's #TheGonzalezAdventure

Lelis & Charity Gonzalez met in January of '07 and married in October that same year. In 2015, had their first son, Nicolas Gonzalez (Nico for short). Lelis had worked his way up in the oil & gas industry as an engineer and specialized in problem solving and project management. Charity had worked as a licensed financial advisor for over 10 years. In August 2017 after Lelis ran the Leadville Trail 100 mile race and stayed at a local hostel, they both fell in love with the area and the dream was sparked in them to become innkeepers.


"We found out about the Leadville Hostel for sale and thought it would give us a chance to lock arms together toward a common goal and retire Lelis from the oil field so he will no longer have to travel away from the family for work. We also love meeting new people and the great outdoors. Lastly, we prayed a lot about this decision and felt like God was leading us in this direction."
-Charity Gonzalez

Our plan and vision is to preserve the culture and spirit of the Leadville Hostel but at the same time, put our own stamp on it. Our new name (which Charity's mother came up with) is "Inn the Clouds". Leadville is known as Cloud city because it's the highest incorporated city in the U.S. so we felt like this name was very fitting.

We hope that you will consider staying at Inn the Clouds and come hang out with us! We guarantee you will feel at home to the point were you won't want to leave!

Your hosts,

— Lelis, Charity, and Nico Gonzalez